May 3, 2008

Drunken thoughts from the Philly airport

All I want is to be sober. Or in bed. Preferably both. I’m kind of strggling not to just pass out at the aiprot.

Today I drank two entire bottles of champagne. By myself. And not good champagne – it was Andre. One was strawberry flavroed and one was peach. I don’t remember the peach one at all. I also had some assorted vodka and tequila shots. And some vodka and seltzer. Whoo, low cal alcoholic drinks! I also did not eat until ten minutes ago, when I had a slice of pizza. I wonder if I stayed within my caloric limits for the day? Probably not. Alcohol is high in calories.

There are strange cuts and abrasions and bruises on my body. I vaguely remember falling down in the dirt at some point. I don’t kwno when or where. I think at a frat. I vaguely remember lots of guys standing around looking at me fallen on the ground. And someone must have given me a bandaid, because I have one on my elbow. Also, my ankle still has dirt on it.

I am stuck at the Philly airport. My Ithaca direct to New York flight got cancelled. They called me in the aftenroon to tell me, and and to le tm eknow that I could take a 3 PM fligh tinstead. I said okay, and promptly forgot. I showed up at 6 PM at the airport, and they were like “oh you should have been called… your flight is cancelled.” So instead, they are sending me through Philly. Only my flight from Phily to New York is delayed. I hate hate hat ehhate hate hate hate the Philly airport (home of the most delays and most lost baggage in teh country… no really, that is a fact).

I’m a little scared they won’t let me on the plane because I am decidedly not sober.

But yay for Brooklyn half-marathon tomorrow morning!!!


10 thoughts on “Drunken thoughts from the Philly airport”

  1. Tavia, I sincerely hope I won’t be hungover. I have only been hungover once, but today it definitely feels like I may be hungover tomorrow? Honestly, I drank so much, and I barely remember the day. I just got off the phone with a friend, who mentioned seeing me hanging out with another friend THAT I DON’T EVEN REMEMBER SEEING. Oops. Anyway, I’ll look for you at the half.

    Sarah, I’m glad you liked the post. My mom didn’t like it so much when I called her to whine about everything that I wrote here. Maybe it’s easier taken when it’s in a quick blog post instead of a long whining phone call.

  2. this post is cracking me up… and i read them backwards (starting with the second half marathon post)… you are even more of a champ having done TWO halfs after a day of drinking like this! no way i could hang.

    btw – what is slope day??

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