April 28, 2008

Same nonsense, different airport

The other day, at a team dinner, my team had a good laugh when I mentioned the special screening I always get at the airport. It turns out it’s not a function of buying my ticket right before the flight, or that I buy one way tickets, or that I don’t check any baggage, because none of them get it consistently like I do. However, they said a guy on another team at our same client does get it every time, and we had a good laugh over the fact that I must be on some suspected terrorist list. Because clearly a young white Republican girl who’s terrified of violent movies is a huge threat to our country.

Anyway, today I got the Monday morning pat down from a friendly Southern belle in Fort Myers, Florida. Unfortunately I did get a slight burn on one shoulder (not bad though – just a bit pink), but I warned her and she went easy on that, and even apologized on behalf of the Florida sun. Nice to find some pleasant airport security!

I’m flying JetBlue, which I loved on the way down here – because I was in a window seat with no one in the middle. Today, however, there is a rather large woman sitting next to me. I know they have a rule about paying for two seats, but at what weight/size do they enforce that (and honestly, how do you do that without being awkwardly rude? “Excuse me, ma’am, I’m going to have to ask you to purchase a second seat”)? Because really, this woman should not get to be halfway into my breathing space.

Off I go back to Boston… expect my Boston marathon report later today.


2 thoughts on “Same nonsense, different airport”

  1. I’ve actually asked the stewardess to move me in a situation like that. Big stinky was not spending the better part of 3 hours next to me, I knew that much. The only option was to move me to first class – oh darn 🙂

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