April 7, 2008


I normally don’t ever get sunburned. Even when I sit out without sunscreen, the most I’ve come away with is a little redness on my shoulders. Yesterday, we went to the beach, and since it was my first time out in the sun this season, I was extra careful and used 30 SPF. Unfortunately, it did not do any good, and I think I might have sun poisoning.

Symptoms of sun poisoning:
Entire body as red as a lobster: check
Burning heat on all skin surfaces: check
Pain when I sit, stand, wear clothes, and generally just exist: check
Chills and shivering: check
Nausea: check
Throwing up after having a few sips of ice water: check
Passing out twice while trying to get in the car after dinner: check and check

Final verdict: Charleston Sun 1, Me 0.

I hope I can make it through my morning flights without freaking out my fellow passengers by passing out or throwing up.

Also, to clarify my last post: I know I am not fat, but I have about 5 extra pounds (maybe 10) that I would like to lose, and I’ve been trying really hard to do so, without much success. I was wearing an outfit that accentuated my tummy, and had just eaten a ton of junk food that I was feeling pretty guilty about, so it was kind of a sensitive time for that remark. Besides, let’s face it, no one likes to be called fat.


8 thoughts on “Ouch”

  1. Ok, one whoever even attempted to call you fat is what we like to call an idiot..or a butt face or any other really childish term that will make you realize he is not worth your mental effort…granted I would have thrown like a hissy fit if it were me.

    So sorry about the burn! thank goodness I didn’t do that in savannah over wedding weekend that just would have been too many tragedies at once! Take care of yourself!

  2. OMG! I got burnt yesterday too!! Charleston is only 2 hrs north of Savannah…and I forgot to wear sunscreen ALL TOGETHER! I was out from 11am- 6pm. Pool in the morning….hubbys baseball game at night. I am FRIED! And I usually never burn either..the sun musta been rough yesterday.

    I am registering for Disney today. The half marathon and goofys challenge are already sold out. The full is all we got left girl! IT would be a blast to all meet up..and lets face it…look at those pics of us in hot pants…who wouldn’t want to run with us? LOLOL!

  3. Don’t let yourself get dehydrated. That sounds like no fun at all.

    I just read the post about someone calling you fat. I just can’t believe that. I wish you would have taken your “fat” body over to him and stomped on his foot. What a jerk. I bet he is a miserable person to everyone he comes into contact with.

  4. WTF?! Someone called you ‘that fat girl’?! Is he still alive after that?! What an ass.

    Yes, sun poisoning is no good. The Virginian sun is also good for a nice dosage of sun poisoning. Just be sure not to go to a crab shack whilst having the said poisoning. Barfing is guaranteed…

  5. No butt kicking here. I was actually out with my big brother and specifically didn’t tell him because I knew he’d prob want to go punch the guy, and I didn’t want to cause a problem.

    Amanda, I’m VERY glad you didn’t get burned!

    Glam, I had shrimp and grits. It was actually really good, and I don’t think it was what made me sick. Who knows though…

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