March 27, 2008

Sitting makes you fat

I don’t think I can get away with propping my computer up to stand (and I definitely can’t install a standing desk, because I’m at a different desk every day), but at least now I know why I’ve been struggling to lose weight since starting my job. I sit and work for about 12 hours/day!

Tonight I’m staying in Boston instead of flying back to NYC, while the rest of my team will be leaving around 4 PM to catch their flights to various places. That means I can leave at 4 also and actually run outside! In the daylight! On a weekday! I know, pretty amazing – I’m psyched. I haven’t run outside since my St. Patrick’s race triumph, so we’ll see how it goes.

I played a bit of text-message-tag with Bill after my last weeknight run in Boston, but that never really panned out, so here’s hoping I’ll meet another (cuter) Bill tonight. Otherwise, I have a tentative “date” (not really) with my friend Adam to watch March Madness and hope my bracket doesn’t get any more destroyed than it already is. Damn you, Xavier…


4 thoughts on “Sitting makes you fat”

  1. WOOT! Daytime trot!

    It’s supposedly going to snow tonight so I hope we don’t send you this crap for tomorrow!

    Good luck on your date :-)!

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