January 15, 2008

Healthy Meal: Greek Meatballs in White Wine Sauce and Baked Gigante Beans

I’ve had these recipes in my online Food Network recipe box, and today I had ground turkey to use up, so I figured it was the perfect excuse! However, I wasn’t that impressed.

Yeah, the pictures kind of suck too. I didn’t really take the time to pretty up the meatballs because I couldn’t figure out how once they had started falling apart. The beans look decent though, and you can also see the Greek salad I made to go with it.

Meatball recipe notes:
I used lean ground turkey instead of the meats, because it was what I had, and people in the review section said it was fine to sub turkey. I also used margarine instead of butter, but that’s not a big switch. Unfortunately, the meatballs were definitely a bit wet, so some of them fell apart a bit while cooking. It tasted good, but the presentation kind of sucked.

Beans recipe notes:
These I pretty much kept as-is, except I added a bit of minced raw garlic for some more flavor, and skipped the olive oil.

Nutrition facts:
234 calories for the meatballs (recipe here)
135 calories for the beans (recipe here)
59 calories for the Greek salad

Review: 2/5
This wasn’t bad (nothing like the snapper fiasco), but it just wasn’t anything special. The flavor of the meatballs was decent, but it could have used more different spices to add some complexity – it was just too simplistic, and tasted like a plain burger with a little bit of lemon tang. The beans tasted like beans in spaghetti sauce. Which I guess isn’t surprising, since that’s what they were, but somehow I expected more. The salad was, of course, phenomenal – I love that dressing. But as for the beans and the meatballs, I probably wouldn’t make them again. They were very easy and quick, but definitely tasted like not much time had gone into them, and there are plenty of other recipes that taste great with the same amount of effort.


1 thought on “Healthy Meal: Greek Meatballs in White Wine Sauce and Baked Gigante Beans”

  1. Wow, you are good with the healthy meals.

    When I do planks, I do them from the elbow. I haven’t tried the straight arm kind but would be a good variation, I think. I only just saw that in a magazine this weekend. It’s amazing how quickly you can progress once you start doing them. I was pretty week when I started.

    Still so far to go….

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