December 29, 2007

Healthy Meal: Vermont Chicken Pie

I needed something quick and easy with ingredients on hand. I also had some chicken and some mushrooms that I wanted to use up. So – I searched Food Network and found this. The only things I didn’t have were peas and southern biscuits, but I figured I could chop up some green beans and substitute those for the peas (would even be a little healthier because it’s less starchy!), and an English muffin for the biscuits. The result:

It looks really good doesn’t it? A few of my substitutions are very evident though.

Recipe notes:
I already mentioned subbing an English muffin for the biscuit – it was still good, though I’m sure one of those buttery southern biscuits would have been better (however, I don’t know if I could then include this recipe in the “healthy meal” category!). I also subbed chopped green beans for the peas; however, I screwed this up by adding way too many. I used 3/4 cup green beans when I should have used 1/2 cup peas. Peas have a milder flavor anyway, so I probably should have used about 1/4 cup of green beans. Oops. Finally, I skipped the butter and just used the olive oil to saute the veggies.

Nutrition facts:
336 calories for the chicken and biscuit (recipe here)

Review: 3/5
Wow, this recipe is ridiculously low-cal! It filled me up pretty well (thank you, fiber in the English muffin) and gave me tons of protein, but was still way lower than I was expecting. It’s because it’s basically just chicken, veggies, and a bit of oil – super healthy! However, the flavor wasn’t amazing. It was very green bean-y. Now, as I said, that’s probably entirely my fault for subbing green beans and then using way too many… but at the same time, there didn’t seem to be any component that would provide a strong flavor for the sauce. I’d maybe try a bit of marsala or other sweet white wine between adding the flour and adding the chicken broth. Still, not bad, and healthy enough that I don’t really care. Now, on to the beers and shots that will more than compensate for any calories I saved with this meal! Happy Friday 🙂


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