December 24, 2007

Healthy Meal: Super Tuscan Burgers and Potato Salad

Tonight I’m back in the swing of things with some burgers and potato salad. I know, not your typical dinner OR your typical winter food (more of a summertime picnic lunch), but it was good and a delicious way to use up the ground turkey that I had.

Sorry for the picture sucking. Tomorrow I’m going to buy brighter lightbulbs for our living room so I can take pictures without the flash and they hopefully won’t be too dark.

Recipe notes:
I made this recipe without many changes for nutrition, which is why it’s a bit higher-cal than usual (I still subbed a bunch, but more to use up what was in my fridge rather than make it healthier). I used one potato for two people (instead of 2.5 pounds for four – that is a LOT of potatoes!). I used dried sage instead of fresh, though next time I think I’d pick up some fresh sage and use that because it was hard to get the ground sage to go evenly through the meat. Used whole wheat kaiser rolls, grated parmesan instead of sliced, mesclun instead of arugula, and pickles instead of capers. In terms of actual preparation, I did it just the way the recipe said. If you’d like to make it healthier, grill your burgers instead of pan-frying them, and then use just 1/2 tbsp of oil to saute the mushrooms.

505 calories for the burger (recipe here) – sounds like a lot, but not too bad for a big cheeseburger!
142 calories for the potato salad (recipe also here)

Review: 5/5
This was great! The sage didn’t spread through the burger as evenly as I wanted, but whenever I got a bite that had sage it was incredible. The red wine also adds a nice flavor to the burger. As I said, I’d buy fresh sage next time to make sure all of it got the sage. Definitely really yummy and fairly easy/quick (I think it took about 25 mins total). I’d make this again if I had the ingredients on hand and the calories to spare.


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