December 12, 2007

Healthy Meal: Scarlet Snapper with Field Peas and Snaps

This recipe was probably the easiest I’ve made. Unfortunately, not that tasty. However, I think I attribute that to personal taste rather than the actual recipe.

Basically, you chop up some peppers and onions, toss them in a baking dish, lay a piece of snapper on top, splash some Worcestershire sauce on top, and then put a bit of butter on (I used a quick spray of Pam instead). Pop it in the oven for 20 mins, put a bit of parmesan on (you’re supposed to use real cheese, not the powdered kind, but I didn’t have it so I used Wegman’s fat free grated topping), broil it for a few minutes, and it’s done. (I served it with field peas and snaps, but those were just frozen and then boiled – no recipe to report there).

I put it on a bright yellow placemat to try to give it some more color, because it looked kind of boring – not a big deal, though of course I know that the better food looks the more likely it is to satisfy you. My only real problem was just that it was a bit too acidic for me. The cheese definitely helped cut that, but it still just didn’t sit well with me. However, I’d also blame that partially on the fact that I had a pretty acidic lunch (leftovers from last night’s Indian, which meant lots of tomatoes), and then as an afternoon snack I had a pepper. I had a frozen banana about a half hour after dinner, and that made feel so much better – so I think it really was just too much acid.

Here’s the verdict:

Nutritional results:
250 calories for the snapper (recipe here)
165 calories for the field peas

Review: 2/5
This wasn’t necessarily bad, but I wouldn’t make the two together again. The fish ought to be paired with something salty and carb-y, like seasoned rice. As for the field peas, I think next time I’ll use them as a side for something with lots of gravy to give them more flavor. Glad I got the fiber from them though!

A disappointing result to what I thought would be a yummy dinner 🙁


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