December 13, 2007

Healthy Meal: Black Bean Soup

This is one of my favorite recipes, and today I made it in record time! Fourteen minutes to chop the veggies and put everything in the pot, then I did the 20 minute arms segment of “Tank Top Arms, Bikini Belly, Boy Shorts Bottom” while it cooked. Easy, easy, easy! I was a little concerned when I came back, because it was much redder than usual, but I realized I usually do two cans of black beans instead of one (the recipe calls for three, but I cut it in half, and I usually don’t like to save half a can of black beans in the fridge, so I can go either up or down). However, it still tasted all creamy and full of black bean goodness.

I opted not to top the soup because it’s great on its own, but you can add sour cream, shredded cheese, or scallions if you want a little something extra. After I took the picture, I splashed a little of the milk from my glass in to cool it down and also make it creamier. However, I had tasted it before I did that, and it was surprisingly creamy even before. Made me wonder if I had already tossed some dairy in and forgotten (I hadn’t). Not sure what causes that creaminess, but mmm… it’s good.

The picture shows the soup served with two Trader Joe’s beef taquitos. When my roommate saw me popping them in the toaster, she was shocked – she had seen them in the freezer, and thought they were our other roommate’s, because he always eats pre-packaged convenience food and I never do. However, these are all natural, and only have 100 cals each, so I buy them and have them as an occasional treat.

As far as how I changed the recipe, first of all, I cut it in half to make exactly two servings. However, I tossed in a whole red bell pepper as well as half of a green pepper (had to use them up, and it made it more filling while adding minimal calories). As I said, I also used 1 can of black beans instead of 1.5 cans. I didn’t make the Southwestern Monte Cristo sandwiches that are in that recipe, but I have made them before, and they’re delicious (though not too healthy).

Nutritional results:
352 calories for the soup (recipe here)
200 calories for the taquitos
90 calories for the milk

Review: 5/5
As I said, this is one of my absolute favorite recipes! After last night’s unsatisfactory meal, I figured I should make something I know I love. Hopefully you’ll try it and love it as well!


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  1. Hey, saw your post on the 3FC forum. Keep blogging! 🙂

    I love biggest loser too- also my best workout night.

    Thanks for the recipes!

    ~errantbehavior @ 3fc

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