April 27, 2015

Weekend Recap: Finding my Groove

Halfway Up Bear Peak with Adam

Happy Monday! This was a great weekend, and I felt like I really started finding my groove with balancing all the many things going on in my life. I headed to San Francisco for work on Thursday, and flew back on Friday night. However, instead of arriving solo at the airport and then driving home for a quiet night by myself… Adam and I timed our flights so we’d both land in Denver at about the same time and get to head home together! I’ve never had anyone meet me at the airport when I got home from a trip, …

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April 15, 2015

Iterating on Goal Setting

San Jose Office Views

I spent today at a workshop in California along with my firm’s Human Capital leads from across the globe, and the discussions were fascinating. One of the topics we talked about at length was performance management, and how best to encourage staff to maximize their performance. We’ve recently switched from a traditional performance management system, where reviews are done and goals are set just twice a year, to a new system that emphasizes real-time feedback. It’s been a huge transformation, and one that isn’t quite complete yet, but it’s definitely taking things in a positive direction. But while we’ve been …

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March 28, 2015

Bluebird Spring Ski Day at Winter Park

So first, let’s start with the boring disclaimer: I’m so sorry to not be posting as much lately; things have just been so busy! New projects at work (i.e., new clients), new projects at home (i.e., contemplating building this pizza oven… any bets on whether I will blow up my new house in the process?), and of course, new activities that I sign myself up for and then later bemoan how busy I am (but seriously, any locals want to join my team for Boulder Skeeball League?). One of the activities I recently took on at work is a position …

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March 14, 2015

Night Before the Race: Montgomery Marathon

Veni Vidi Vici - Brussel Sprouts

That was an exhausting couple of days, but overall really successful! I am so glad to be on my way home though… to bed for lots of sleep. On Friday afternoon, I headed for the airport to catch a flight to Atlanta. I learned a few weeks ago that I would need to be there for training on Friday morning, and I noticed that the day corresponded nicely with the Montgomery Marathon in Alabama – just a two hour drive away. I decided to book my work flights to take advantage of this proximity, delaying my departure by 24 hours …

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March 11, 2015

Ski Lesson #3: Don’t Lean Back; Lean In

Leaning in on the ski slopes

Between some new exciting things at work, plumbing issues with my townhouse in New York, difficulty getting vendor bids for work on my new house in Colorado, and a lot of travel (friends visiting me + me visiting friends)… it’s been nutty around here. As a result, my routine has been completely thrown off and I haven’t made the time to get a blog post up. I am just proud of myself for at least throwing together Sunday’s links I love, even if it was a little bit late! However, I now have a lot to say, and still not …

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