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December 6, 2016

Discover Video / TED Talks Book Review

I mentioned two weeks ago that I was in California to facilitate my company’s Discover program. (Here’s a post on one of the things I started pondering after this time around: how much work is too much work?) The entire event is videotaped, and last time I facilitated, I promised several friends/family who were asking that I’d share the videos. But then I got them back, and I was too embarrassed to post them. Have you ever tried to watch a recording of yourself on video? It’s uncomfortable, seeing all the things you wish you could change but having no power to do it differently …

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February 18, 2016

How a TED Talk Saved My Day

Today was a big day at work – I had the opportunity to go before a group of leaders at my client and make a controversial presentation. I worked my butt off all this week prepping materials and support, and woke up this morning nervously excited. I spent the morning making some final finishing touches, but then I had something happen that left me in tears just minutes before my presentation. HOW CAN THIS BE HAPPENING RIGHT NOW?! Well, thank goodness for power posing. I watched Amy Cuddy’s speech as part of my TED talks New Year’s resolution last year, and when I didn’t …

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February 26, 2015

App I Love: Duolingo

The Power of Massive Scale Online Collaboration

This isn’t going to be my typical app I love post. Usually, I write about apps that I love for their functionality. Today, however, I’m writing about an app that functions well… but that I love for its purpose and the goal behind it. I first heard about Duolingo from Ashley, who used it to help with her move to Switzerland and all the traveling she’s done from there. Last spring, when I was planning to go to Germany for the Pulheim Marathon, I used Duolingo for a few weeks to try to learn some elementary German so that I’d …

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January 30, 2015

Favorite TED Talks of January

I know it took me a while to post my New Year’s resolutions this year! However, my resolution to watch a TED Talk every day is one that I didn’t write about immediately but have been doing pretty solidly since the end of December. It’s been so interesting to start my day learning something new! You can view all of the TED talks I’ve watched on this Google spreadsheet (along with some notes about what I learned or my favorite quotes); however, I wanted to take a minute to call out my favorite ones this month. The very first TED …

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