April 16, 2021

Weekend Recap: Mom’s Birthday


This was a weekend I had been planning for a very long time, and I was really excited it was finally here. It kicked off on Thursday afternoon. At 2pm, I told my mom I was headed to the grocery store, and hopped into the car to take a call while driving… to the airport to pick up my dad! He and I had hatched a plan to fly him to Colorado for the weekend to celebrate my mom’s birthday, and she had no idea. I was nervous for weeks that I was going to accidentally let it slip, but the surprise …

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October 24, 2020

Weekend Recap: My New Quarantine Pod

This week has been really different – so much is changing in my life! My role at work has changed quite a bit due to COVID19, and there’s also the major lifestyle change that where I used to fly all over the country 50 weeks a year, I now haven’t set foot on a plane since March. Meanwhile, I have a new boyfriend (and his kids) I’m adjusting my life around, and on Tuesday, my mom moved in with me. All of this is stuff I would never have imagined in February; it is certainly interesting living in This Unprecedented …

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June 19, 2020

Weekend Recap: Bad News


This was such a rollercoaster of a weekend. My first weekend getting together with a group of friends… but also lots of bad news too 🙁 Saturday morning kicked off with a quick four mile trail run with Sugar, which I hoped would sufficiently tire her out without wearing me out too much. Then, I dove into some leftover pumpkin baked oatmeal for breakfast, since I knew I needed a lot of energy. My friends Heather and Laura and I had agreed to do the “Tour De Matt” – a metaphorical marathon of seven Peloton bike classes taught by our …

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January 4, 2020

Vacation Recap: Winter Break, Week 1

Where to even begin with this recap? It’s been an amazing two full weeks off work, and while not everything played out exactly as expected, I’m pretty happy with how I spent my time. The Thursday before Christmas, I flew from Atlanta (where my client is) up to Albany (where my family is). My dad picked me up when I landed, and we hit the mall for me to pick up some Christmas gifts in store – a lot easier than trying to carry them all on the plane! From there, we met up with my mom for a little …

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April 12, 2012

Grateful and Proud

Grateful, grateful, truly grateful I amGrateful, grateful, truly blessed and duly grateful. (Okay, if you’re not a total musical theater geek and don’t know John Bucchino, those lyrics will mean nothing to you, but trust me, it is an incredibly sweet and moving song – take a listen.) Today I read a post that made me really sad – though I don’t think that was what Lauren intended when she wrote it. Please, go read. After reading Lauren’s post, I realize just how lucky I am that my family and friends have been supportive of my marathons. There were many …

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