November 7, 2020

Weekend Recap: Halloween and COVID Horrors


My Friday started out tough. I had spent Thursday night at J’s house, and after breakfast and taking my first few calls there, I headed home. But right before I did, J was notified that his son was eligible for a special school cohort where a few kids are allowed to come in person and then do their virtual learning in a room with others rather than isolated at home. I was really against this idea (frankly, I’ve been pretty relieved that the kids’ schools were closing up again), but we didn’t have time to discuss it because J and …

Weekend Recap: Halloween and COVID Horrors

October 31, 2020

Weekend Recap: J’s Birthday


This weekend was J’s birthday, and I bent some of my own COVID19 rules to make it special. Now, with case counts going up quite a bit, I feel pretty guilty that I did so. I think it’s unfortunately time to lock down and go back to being as strict as we were in March ­čÖü But! That’s a story for next weekend (when I started out Friday having a COVID19 meltdown… yuck). This weekend, on Friday morning, I started J’s birthday by attempting to bake a frittata. He likes savory things more than sweet, so while baked oatmeal is …

Weekend Recap: J’s Birthday

October 10, 2020

Weekend Recap: Olsen Lake and Front Range Fun


I headed up to Minturn on Friday at lunchtime, arriving in time to take my final calls of the day from my house there. However, the internet there was being weird, and I had trouble getting my video to work on my final call of the day – frustrating! Although this internet issue has never happened before, I always feel guilty when I work from my mountain house – like I’m playing hooky by being out there rather than at home. Kind of silly in these remote working times, I know! After work, I headed to Home Depot and the …

Weekend Recap: Olsen Lake and Front Range Fun Read More ┬╗

March 7, 2020

Weekend Recap: Friends Make Life Better


This weekend was a little bit hectic, but much better than last! I landed home from Florida (where I was traveling for work) at noon on Friday, and had a deluge of calls and meetings the second I landed. My day ended with a few meetings downtown, and a bit of fun stuff, too. The women’s professional book club I started at my office met from 3pm-5pm, and this month, we read Kim Scott’s Radical Candor:┬áBe a Kick-Ass Boss Without Losing Your Humanity. This is one of the┬ábest┬ábusiness books I’ve ever read!! So much of it resonated so strongly with …

Weekend Recap: Friends Make Life Better

January 25, 2020

Weekend Recap: Regrouping

I have been┬áreally┬ástressed lately – and unfortunately, this weekend that all came to a head. On Thursday night, despite a delay in my first flight out of Charlottesville, Virginia (where I went for a recruiting trip and got to relive some nostalgia and once again enjoy one of the best meals of my life at The Flat creperie), I made my connection and got home on time. Good thing, because when I landed at Denver Airport, my coworker / friend Elizabeth was waiting for me. I was looking forward to having her join me to ski Vail for the weekend! …

Weekend Recap: Regrouping

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